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Welcome! was created mainly to promote Mind Games, our first product release (July 7,2007). It is a story about a prominent research professor gone missing, and his wife is under suspicion by all but the lead detective, who himself seems plagued by some dark past.

This is not just another "detective / romance" novel -- research into various fields of study has enticed me to bend long held scientific doctrine into believable inventions that spin an intriguing tale. It will capture your imagination and leave you pondering the what ifs of life.

If you have a taste for The Sixth Sense, Phenomenon, and Star Trek, or you like the writings of JD Robb, Danielle Steel, and Stephen King, then you will enjoy this novel.

MIND GAMES, a science fiction thriller that's steeped in mystery and romance.

While Mind Games is our first title release, we are not entirely new to the industry. We've worked for over 15 years as technical writers and sound production engineers for nonprofit, commercial, and video game publishing companies. Expanding our company to include audio and book production is a natural step forward.

Still, publishing this product has truly been an educational training ground for what can do for other creative souls like us. With so much effort put into launching this book, we figured why stop at just our door. It has been a wonderful experience and truly a labor of love to get to this point ... countless of hours laboring over every detail for the final push. Many of you know exactly what we mean. And the journey would not have been as smooth had it not been for the many other talented people who helped pave the way and left bread crumbs via our wonderful World Wide Web for the inquisitive to follow.

From this launch point we plan to showcase multi-talented individuals and their music, art, audio / print books, and poems. In time, we will add a full description catalogue to our site. So if you are a creative individual, looking to promote your stuff, then consider contacting us at If we accept your submission, it will be a partnership to help you get the exposure you want. We will use many of the same tools that we are now using to promote Mind Games.

Thank you for stopping by.

Mind Games book cover - buy it now!
9x6 Book
320 pages
available NOW
in US & UK

Hard Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-0-2)             $28.95 US;
      19.00 GBP;
      $33.95 Can

Soft Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-1-9)
         Not yet priced.
Audio CD:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-2-6)
          Not yet priced.
          (release date: 12-18-08)
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-3-3)
          Not yet priced.

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