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What do we really know about reality and its inner workings? Is everything really as it seems? Are the laws of physics accurate? How do we know for sure? If you were on course to tapping into real truths, how far would you go to prove your thesis?

Well, research into various fields of study has enticed me to bend long held scientific doctrine into believable inventions. MIND GAMES, is a tale of intrigue, a story to capture the imagination and leave the reader pondering the what ifs of life.

A prominent university professor, committed to researching the mysteries of ontology, has all too often used his brilliance against his own family, incorporating them as subjects. His work abruptly halts when he disappears. Or does it?

A team of investigators fail to find a body and questions arise against the wife. Many believe foul play at her hands. Only the lead detective believes otherwise, and his convictions are strengthened when he thinks he has heard the missing man's voice. The wife confides that she has also heard it. Even the children claim to have seen their father of sorts wandering the woods.

The detective stumbles across material evidence to prove his theory but revealing it is at great personal cost. After years of hiding, he comes face to face with a past that threatens to surface. The officer must decide - will he protect his secret at the expense of the investigation? Time is of the essence to convince his captain there is more to this case than what meets the eye, but manpower is needed on other cases with fresher leads. The plot thickens as a baffling new clue leads investigators to a pool of blood.

MIND GAMES, a science fiction thriller that's steeped in mystery and romance. If you like the writings of James Morrow, romance novelist Danielle Steel, and thriller writer Stephen King, or you liked the following movies: the Sixth Sense, Phenomenon, Star Trek -- then you will likely enjoy Mind Games.

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Mind Games book cover - buy it now!
9x6 Book
320 pages

available NOW
in US & UK
Hard Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-0-2)             $28.95 US;
      19.00 GBP;
      $33.95 Can
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-3-3)
          $12.95 US;
          7.00 GBP
Now released
Soft Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-1-9)
          Not yet priced.
Audio CD:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-2-6)
          Not yet priced.
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