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(listening samples are available at Music and Arts link)

Come Together - By_Orpheus
RAIN - by_OrpheusSoundstation.mp3
Hold Your Head Up High - by_Orpheus
Dance If You Need a Miracle - by Orpheus
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Mind Games retails for $28.95 in the US and 19.00 in the UK (not including taxes/S&H). UK customers can also purchase direct from Amazon.UK or ask for it at your local book store. We do distribute through Bertram and Gardner. Sorry Canada customers but we are still working through your area. You can ask for the hard cover by ISBN 978-0-9791985-0-2. If you would like a signed copy, please indicate this by selecting the full retail price in your shopping cart. Mind Games is also available at Amazon / Borders online (click link). We are still being processed through traditional retail channels, but you can order it byISBN #978-0-9791985-0-2 at just about any book store, such as Barnes and Nobles or Borders. If you have suggestions on where you would like to see this book, write us .

The ebook is now available through Amazon or Powels. Limited copies of the pre-release of the audio book are also available, but only here at

We are adding art. Visit us at Buy quality original music here too. We are uploading music a bit at a time. Check out some of the tunes already available.

Because this is such an exciting election year with Senator Barak Obama and Senator John McCain running for president, and Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin running for vice president, we are offering the song "General USA (Dance, if you need a miracle)" on a donation basis: If you make a donation when chosing to purchase this song, we will donate 50% of $1.00 or more to the candidate of your choice.

From now until November 4, 2008, we will give 50% of any donation of $1.00 or more for the download of "General USA (Dance, if you need a miracle)" to the candidate of your choice. Donations will be released to candidates once they reach $100 total or more.

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Visit the official Mind Games page.
9x6 Book
320 pages

available NOW
in US & UK
Hard Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-0-2)             $28.95 US;
      19.00 GBP;
      $33.95 Can
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-3-3)
          $12.95 US;
          7.00 GBP
Now released
Soft Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-1-9)
          Not yet priced.
Audio CD:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-2-6)
          Not yet priced.
(OFFICAL release date:

Audio Book Pre-Release
Price $31.99.

Or buy at

For UK Markets

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Art by Robert Lovell. Click to see more.
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Audio Book available NOW !

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