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Thank you ...

My Mom & Dad: Thank you for being the first to read my manuscript. Mommy, you were the very first, reading even the rough drafts. Your enthusiasm, guidance, and suggestions helped me through the baby-steps of this long journey to completion. It took a while but all your research work regarding the business of writing and publishing is now paying off. I know you didn't think I was listening as you passed down your wisdom, but I was. Daddy, I wish you were here to finally see this thing off the ground. You reading my book, and the praise that you gave me, did so much to strengthen my confidence in this project. When you told me that as soon as you got it on Father's Day, you stayed up all night because you couldn't put it down -- that was the best thing my ears could have ever heard, especially since you were one of those "early to bed, early to rise" people. And to have a medical doctor tickled with some of the zanny concepts that I wrote, that really pleased me to hear.
Orpheus: What can I say ... you've been there always. Thank you for your committed support in pushing me toward completing this project. You got me started in computers and on the Internet when the web for the masses was in its infant stage. You also got me started in sound engineering, pulling me in on your projects as "ghost" shotgun. Because of you, I can say I've had a hand in making the sounds for some of the biggest and best video games out there. You taught me SAW and the art of audio engineering, and all of your training went into the making of Mind Games the audio CD. You tirelessly ran up and down those stairs when I needed you to help me with the mini-SoundStation that you setup for me to have a seamless aural end-product. You were probably more distraught for me when I accidentally lost a few of my chapters, and you helped me redo them in the new studio. Thank you.
Aunt Mattie: For listening to a sample of the audio book and telling me with such sincerity that I had something here.
Aunt Evelyn: For showing interest in me and telling me not to hesitate to call if I needed anything to help this project through the door.
Dwight S.: For calling me that particular day and staying in touch always telling me to "Do what you've got to do. Don't worry about anyone else. Just do what you've got to do."
Jim B. & Bud G.: For sharing many good audio books with me. It helped me decide on my recording direction.
Sal G. of Rush Press: For your time and for beginning my education about the printing business. Also, for the many phone tags and for being willing to make yourself available though you were quite busy.
Linda of Fidlar: For your time and for educating me about the printing aspect of publishing books.
Anthony S. : For helping to educate me regarding the publishing business and giving me enough info to make a choice about self-publishing vs. vanity publishing.
Dusty W. : As a self-publisher yourself, thank you for taking the time to educate me on some of the pros and cons that you've experienced as a self-publisher.
Brent & Niki : For your help in printing pre-release drafts.
Self-publishing resources: That "Grumpy Old Bookman" blog helped me immensely with the many voices of experience and expertise (; Simon Craig and his advice and delightful read of his publishing woes at;; for invaluable info about publishing. Typography sites that I've come across for your generous wisdom.
OEI: For publishing me.
Web page developer sites: Thank you to the following knowledge-based websites :, several of Dave Raggett articles and other articles too at, Ray Stott at;; the forum post at (while I did not use the advice for my page, it directly gave me an idea that worked!); of course W3W; the Blue Man's website and various links to it; php forum and all their sites; phpfreaks;; Google for your incredible search engine that allowed me to find all these guys by simply typing what elements I needed for my web design project;; and the osCommerce forum. Without your existence small companies such as ours, with workers who must pretty much wear every hat, could not as successfully fulfill our dreams of opening an online storefront. I hope I have properly given you credit within the pages. If not, please notify me with appropriate location for your credits.
My readers: Thank you so much for purchasing my first novel. This project has consumed much of my adult life and to have others read and appreciate it means so much to me. Without your support, I could not continue my dreams.

So thank you!

For privacy sake, I left many of your last names off, but if you don't mind your full names listed, please let me know. Thanks again for your support in completing a dream!
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9x6 Book
320 pages
available NOW
in US & UK

Hard Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-0-2)             $28.95 US;
      19.00 GBP;
      $33.95 Can

soon to release
Soft Cover:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-1-9)
         Not yet priced.
Audio CD:
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-2-6)
          Not yet priced.
          (release date: 12-18-07)
(ISBN 978-0-9791985-3-3)
          Not yet priced.

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